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Hose Barbs (alternative pricing example)
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Hose Barbs (alternative pricing example)

    Item SKU:UBS_0003
    Brand:Odulo e-Commerce Demo Store
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    SKU Description In Stock
    UBS_0003_a Hose Barb - 3/4" Barb X 1" Barb 45
    UBS_0003_b Hose Barb - 3/4" Barb X 3/4" MPT 15
    UBS_0003_c Hose Barb - 1/2" Barb X 3/4" MPT 0
    UBS_0003_d Hose Barb - 1/2" Barb X 1/2" MPT 28
    These hose barbs are the perfect item for connecting tubing to the pipes on biodiesel processors and wash tanks. Made from biodiesel compatible materials, they've passed the test of time in many a biodiesel processor and held up well. Ranging in sizes from 1" down to 1/"2, these are the perfect addition to completing a processor.
    Be sure to pick up some of our teflon tape to seal all of your connections.
    See these in use in our assembled processors & wash tanks in our photo galleries section.

      Sizes and Suggested Uses

    • 1" Barb X 3/4" Barb Easily connects our 1" barrel pump to 3/4" tubing
    • 3/4" Barb X 3/4" MPT Used on site tube, processor pump tube, and wash tanks
    • 1/2" Barb X 3/4" MPT Used on site tube, methoxide carboy, and other 1/2" tubes.
    • 1/2" Barb X 1/2" MPT Used on site tube, methoxide tube, and other 1/2" tubes.
    • The Ideal Solution For Plumbing Processors And Wash Tanks.

    Alternative Pricing Example

    For this example, we set the item price to $0. This will cause the item price and the savings not to show, (thus List Price will have no effect.)
    To make up for the missing pricing, we shell display it in our description, like so:

    Item Pricing:
    1" Barb X 3/4" Barb   $2.95
    3/4" Barb X 3/4" MPT $2.45
    1/2" Barb X 3/4" MPT $2.45
    1/2" Barb X 1/2" MPT $1.95

    Now, for our item options, we will set the full price, instead of the "additional price"! Pull down the size option, see the difference?

    This feature is great when the items are of varying prices, (not just "large" being a dollar more then the rest.)

    PS: On a separate note, notice that even though we have two distinctly separate items in our catalog, ("Hose Barbs" and "Hose Barbs (alternative pricing example)",) both have have the same SKU, and same option SKUs, and thus share the exact same inventory! This is a great point to keep in mind. You can create many variations of the same item, perhaps some even hidden, with reduced pricing, that you advertise only to certain customers, and you don't have to worry about the inventory count nightmare!