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HDPE 5 Gallon Carboy
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HDPE 5 Gallon Carboy

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    5 Gallon / 20 Liter HDPE Carboy

    This HDPE 5 Gallon Carboy is a perfect solution for several of your biodiesel homebrewing needs. It can be used as a
    Methoxide mixing tank, as a Biodiesel fueling tank, a Methanol storage tank (when properly stored), used oil collection tank (if oil is cool), glycerin storage tank, and several other uses.

    You can learn how to make a biodiesel methoxide mixing tank by clicking here.

    We use this exact style of carboy in all our Biodiesel Processors that we've built to date. I've personally used several of these for everything from collecting oil to storing biodiesel to filling my truck with biodiesel.

    They're made from heavy duty HDPE plastic, have a convenient vent cap, include a lid with a 3/4" threaded pop-out center, and come in a UN Approved shipping container. This has to be one of the most handy biodiesel homebrewing items out there.



    • Easily meterable
    • 5 gallon / 20 liter capacity
    • Made from heavy duty HDPE plastic
    • Handy carrying handle & vent cap
    • Screw on lid with a 3/4" pop out center
    • Semi-transparent material
    • Heavy duty UN approved shipping container